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  1. While using the crypto currency world in different business areas, it is necessary to create different supply chain management options. LINA users have more free options. LINA users can supply chain management operations much faster, safer and easier.
  2. Contributing to the development of government management technologies, LINA is also used in this area thanks to its anonymity and confidentiality values. This system saves time and money, and offers the cumbersome administrative option.
  3. The system is built using the Blockchain database system. Therefore, it is impossible for the system to be centralized in any way. Anyone who wants to make decentralized, free and anonymous transactions can be a LINA user.
  4. LINA uses Hybrit architecture. This results in the highest data flow performance.
  5. The system uses protective algorithms in itself. This makes it impossible to manipulate the system.
  6. LINA Wallets can be used in order to store the LINA coin.
Which is Turkey's largest Bitcoin exchange and LINA be informed about the work that Thodex as altcoin. You can contact Thodex: 02129090312

LINA NETWORK has some expertise in Blockchain innovation, an entrance associates all LINA Ecosystems possessed and worked by Smart Links Group, a global Corporations.

LINA cryptocurrency awared of these issues and gave an answer by the board store network on Blockchain where data is increasingly secure and straightforward. Henceforth, the way toward creating crude materials to moving the item to the end-client is put away on Blockchain.

The data in each procedure or distribution center where the item is put away will be put away at the hub on the Blockchain organize. Thus, clients can get to item starting points quicker, more precisely and straightforwardly than customary inventory network.

How to Buy And Storage Lina?

LINA Platform will utilize Hybrid Architecture, which associates primary open system Ethereum (mainnet) with a private, elite blockchain administration framework that is liable for giving LINA Token is based on the ERC20 foundation of Ethereum.

On the off chance that the Ethereum framework experiences difficulty, it will just influence the LINA installment and all other lina activities will be taken care of on the private chain so it won't be influenced.


The present Review stage has left an excessive number of deficiences, particularly absence of straightforwardness and precision, it has lost the trust of clients when they're viewing the online reviews. The answer for the notoriety organizations is collaborate with LINA. REVIEW and utilizing LINA. REVIEW stage.

On this stage, shoppers who utilize the items/administrations of those organizations can become reviewers, LINA. REVIEW likewise is where the outsider can't expel the remarks/reviews of any clients, subsequently guaranteeing the exactness and straightforwardness of the assessment of the items/administrations.

Medicinal services

Blockchain will help alter the medicinal services area by giving lasting, trustable and available therapeutic records, security and quicker installments. We can apply blockchain innovation to safely store wellbeing records and keep up a solitary form of reality.

As it is known, cryptocurrency world continues to develop with new platforms and applications day by day. The rapid development of the crypto currency world creates new trading opportunities for traders in this field. LINA can be called the next generation cryptocurrency ecosystem platform. Thanks to coin, different crypto platforms can be used together and integrated. This saves investors time. Moreover, coin is a frequently used cryptocurrency in the health sector. LINA is very useful for the liberation of the health system and for more evenly distributing it among different points. Anyone who wants to know more about What is LINA can review the rest of our article.