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  1. While using the crypto currency world in different business areas, it is necessary to create different supply chain management options. LINA users have more free options. LINA users can supply chain management operations much faster, safer and easier.
  2. Contributing to the development of government management technologies, LINA is also used in this area thanks to its anonymity and confidentiality values. This system saves time and money, and offers the cumbersome administrative option.
  3. The system is built using the Blockchain database system. Therefore, it is impossible for the system to be centralized in any way. Anyone who wants to make decentralized, free and anonymous transactions can be a LINA user.
  4. LINA uses Hybrit architecture. This results in the highest data flow performance.
  5. The system uses protective algorithms in itself. This makes it impossible to manipulate the system.
  6. LINA Wallets can be used in order to store the LINA coin.

As it is known, cryptocurrency world continues to develop with new platforms and applications day by day. The rapid development of the crypto currency world creates new trading opportunities for traders in this field. LINA can be called the next generation cryptocurrency ecosystem platform. Thanks to coin, different crypto platforms can be used together and integrated. This saves investors time. Moreover, coin is a frequently used cryptocurrency in the health sector. LINA is very useful for the liberation of the health system and for more evenly distributing it among different points. Anyone who wants to know more about What is LINA can review the rest of our article.